Intermediate Aerobatic Course:



Our Intermediate Aerobatic Course is designed to prepare you for Primary and Sportsman aerobatic competition by addressing the energy management and positioning strategies required to fly an aerobatic sequence. You will be introduced to flying within an aerobatic contest box. We do this by flying the IAC 2000 - 2007 Primary and Sportsman Approved Knowns and the 2008 Proposed Known. (These are listed in the Members Only section of the IAC website). We will also prepare you for the International Aerobatic Club's (IAC) Primary and Sportsman Power star award, introduce you to basic aerobatic rules and aresti aerobatic catalogue symbols, and will help you create and fly your own Sportsman Free Sequence.

In preparation for the training, visit, and


PREREQUISITES:  Emergency Maneuver Training Course or Equivalent.

cost estimated:  $ 1800.00 for 3.0 hours ground and 5.6 hours dual instruction.